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Panel-Mounted Pushbuttons

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  • Knob 3-position unit cannot be manufactured
  • When using with DC circuits, connect odd terminal numbers to (+), and even terminal numbers to (-).

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    Color of Button


    PBR-1- Flush head Red Green Black General purpose
    PBR-2- Salient head Red Green Black General purpose
    PBR-7- Halt shrouded head Red Green Black Protection against accidental contact
    PBR-62- Knob 2-position (Knob) Black  
    PBR-52- Cylinder lock 2-position (Cylinder) Chrome plated  
    PBLR- Illuminated lamp head (Globe) Red Green
    • Transformer type
    • Lamp: 6.3V 1W
    • Not approved by UL
    PBR-5- Flush head with cylinder lock (Cylinder) Chrome plated
    • Normal operation when key is rotate to left.
    • Pressing the button and rotating th key to the right will lock the contact in the closed position.
      Rotating to the left will release the lock
    • Rotating the key to the right in the normal position will prevent push-button operation.
      Results 1 - 7 of 7 1 

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