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  • Directly controlled on 100 VDC or greater without power supply unit or amplifying relay
  • No erroneous operations or circuit failure due to noise and surge
  • Contactless detection assures maintenance free and long life
Typical Applications

Stop level detectors and door-open command switches for passenger and freight elevators, stop level detector switches for vertical parking garages, passage point detector switches for transporters, passage detector switches for general industrial machinery.

 Specifications   DEGREES OF PROTECTION (IEC Standard 529)   

Magnet Unit


Rated Sensitive Distance (mm)


Contact Arrangement


Rated Continuous Current

3 A

Rated Operational Current -- AC

240V 0.5A (inductive load)

Rated Operational Current -- DC

115V 0.3A (inductive load)

Electrical Life (Rated Operation) -- AC


Electrical Life (Rated Operation) -- DC


Min. Operational Power Ratings

DC 24V 1mA

Vibration Resistance

49.0m/s2 [5G] (16.7 to 1000Hz)

Shock Resistance -- Erroneous Operation

98.0m/s2 [10G]

Shock Resistance -- Breakdown

980.0m/s2 [100G]

Withstand Voltage Across Contacts

500VAC for 1 minute

Withstand Voltage to Ground

1500VAC for 1 minute

Insulation Resistance

100MΩ or greater (with 500V megger)

Operating Temperature

-10 to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-20 to +80°C



Unit Case Material



0.75mm 2 conductors 1 m long

Incorporated Bestact Type (Item Type)

R25, Medium-Capacity (For heavy duty)
1 Refer to DEGREES OF PROTECTION (IEC Standard 529)


·  Operation Characteristics

·  Dimensions in mm of magnetic units

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